Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mood Board #2

Normally my mood boards for the fall are darker, but this season I've been feeling really colorful. I have to blame A Kailo Chic Life, Oh Happy Day! and Aww Sam for that. If you haven't checked out their colorful worlds yet, take this time to do yourself a favor and click on those names. Totally worth it.

This blend of colors just generally leaves me smiling, and as a result, the stuff I picked for this board has a super fun vibe. It makes me want to wear colorful outfits and play with some super modern children's Cblock sets.

This is the studio of Shanna Van Maurik (nogobed on Instagram) and it is constantly a flood of colorful inspiration, and even more so when she photographs the vivid candy-colored sunsets seen out her wonderful windows.

This is the kitchen from the studio of Aww Sam, and wow is it amazing, and this is only half done! I can't wait to see the completed project.

This adorably painted planter is made even better with the gorgeous painted background. From A Beautiful Mess.

I can't get over this wall from Sara Blumer of That's What Sarah Said. It's such a statement, and the fact that the door is painted too makes it the best.

These colorful pumpkins were posted today, and as soon as I saw them I knew that I had enough inspiration for another mood board. They're from A Kalio Chic Life, and I those colors are just perfect.

This super cute rainbow painting DIY was on one of my favorite blogs, but has been removed. :( Whenever it gets posted again I'll be sure to link it!

This fur clutch from Aww Sam is too cute. She actually had a few examples of this project, but there's something about this rainbow one that makes me want to make one SO. BAD.

I have always been fascinated by art installations. There's something about immersing yourself in the artist's vision that is just so cool. And the only thing that makes that better is when the installations are interactive. Such is the case with this amazing block wall, a part of Spark, which is an annex of the Brooklyn Children's Museum. This specific piece is called "Sky Villages" and is by James Paulius.

Other things that fit this vibe:

Modernmaven's Instagram. Like, the whole thing. This packed up their Colorado life, took a chance and moved out to Hawaii, and it seems to have worked out. Their new life totally fits their colorful and happy lifestyle.

This adorable manicure from So Nailicious. I don't paint my nails, but this color scheme is too great.

This POP UP cookbook by Katherine Sabbath. How amazing is this? Will I ever tire of her wonderful creations? Probably not.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Party in a Box Printable + DIY

I believe there's always something to celebrate, but often small accomplishments get overlooked, which honestly is a tragedy. Whether it's an A on a spelling test, the completion of a tedious project, or getting halfway to that goal you're aiming for, anything is a good excuse to party! Obviously, we don't have time for a full-scale party every time we manage to get all of our goals for the week done, so that's why I've created this small party in a box. Perfect for celebrating life's small (or big!) accomplishments.

This box is tiny, about two inches on each side. So how cute would it be to put this on one of your coworker's desks on their birthday or when they got a promotion? Or to give to a loved one after a particularly good (or bad) week? This small box full of cheer is perfect for putting a smile on someone's face.

In addition to the box, this printable kit includes a ton of fun little elements that will work for pretty much any occasion. There are cards and bunting, which are better than normal cards and bunting just because they're tiny. There's also a cute little crown, some graphics that can be turned into buttons with a little packing tape and some safety pins, and some two-toned confetti!

So what are you waiting for? Print it out and have your own party! Why? Because you woke up today, and that's awesome.

Party in a Box Printable Link

Friday, August 4, 2017

Ten Things

I'm very into the idea of dying fabric using natural dyes. Super inspired by this post on DESIGNLOVEFEST and this one on A Beautiful Mess. I also love this bandana from QuiltKween.

I cannot get over these gorgeous painted leather jackets from Bash Calligraphy.

This subscription from Flower Muse is making me really wish I had extra money to spend right now.

I love how colorful this nursery featured on Glitter Guide is. Major inspiration for my own projects.

The newest Field Notes Limited Editions are the perfect August notebooks for me.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Big Mac Horseshoe

Disclaimer: This post is absurd. I'm am aware at the level of ridiculousness that I have hit and I've decided to just keep running full force. That being said, please don't take this post seriously. Unless you seriously love Big Macs. And horseshoes.

Another Disclaimer: McDonald's didn't pay me. Also they own the Big Mac. And a lot of the branding in this post.

So around these parts (aka the Missouri/Illinois area) we have this dish we like to serve called the horseshoe. The basic recipe is two slices of bread with two beef patties on top, open face. Cover with fries and cheese. It's a good, hearty, indulge yourself meal, especially if you get a fancy one with all the fixins. 

There are a few programs for the library teens that I've wanted to do for years. One of them was a kind of challenge: could you make a horseshoe out of fast food meals? This little idea fried (har har puns) itself in my brain about two years ago and won't go away, so the other day I decided to try a proof of concept. Thus: the Big Mac horseshoe was born.

The secret? Ask for the secret sauce on the side.Then peel apart your burger and put it all back together. Buns, patties, fries, secret sauce, and then all the toppings. 

Verdict... was it yummy? Yes. I mean, it's still a Big Mac in the end, and as long as you like Big Macs then you'll be pleased. Was it worth the time? Probably not, but it made me giggle. Should McDonald's add it to their menu? Um... sure.... it's not like they'd have to buy any more ingredients. They'd actually save money, cause honestly, that middle bun was just in the way. Would anybody eat it? Well... it's not the prettiest girl at the ball, but I'm sure some adventurous teen would brave it.

Honestly, it seems more like the kind of food Hardee's would serve. But for a teen program? Yeah, I think this would work perfectly. Now I've just got to go on a fast food scavenger hunt.

Friday, July 14, 2017

In My Bag

There was a while where "what's in my bag" posts were all the rage, and I ate them up. I just love seeing what people haul around on a daily basis. Right now I've got a collection of things living in my purse that I'm absolutely smitten with, so I thought I'd share.

I got these Gia Sunnies from Ascot + Hart as a birthday gift for myself and I love how they make me feel like a rock star.

I use the Blue Leather Credit Card Case to hold gift cards that I am constantly forgetting to use.

The wallet is from Stash Co. and it's one of my favorite things. I've been following Stash Co.'s growth for years now and I absolutely love their products. I'd been eyeing this wallet for a while, and when it went on sale I couldn't resist any longer.

Lint rollers are saviors for people who own cats. I found this adorable one at H&M, and it's the perfect size for my purse. Though the pink one is sold out online they have a blue one with a snakeskin print that I kind of want to get.

Tide Stick. I can't talk about how important Tide Sticks are when you are incredibly, incurably clumsy like I am. I spill something almost daily, and being pregnant has not made that happen any less! As long as I use the Tide Stick right away, no one need's to know that I had pizza for lunch.

I got this pin in the shape of Voldemort's Wand at the Warner Brother's Studio in London. I'm not a Slytherin at heart but there's something about that wand that I think is really cool.

Lip balm, tissues, and phone chargers are things every purse need, but why can't they be pretty at the same time? I love the cute little tubs of balm from Eos, and these pocket sized Kleenex are so lovely. The charger was just a cute one I found in a gas station.

I love my field notes journals and use them daily. The Lunacy Edition is a special favorite of mine, it comes with werewolf facts and a wonderful light gray dot grid. I use it as a bullet journal, and it holds my goals, to do lists, etc. I'll do a post about all of it later.

This notebook is a very old one from Studio C. I don't think it's in print anymore, but they still have an adorable collection you should check out. I use this notebook to jot down ideas for the blog. It's basically my go to for scheduling, ideas, and everything else I need to run this blog.

My bag is from Nine West, bought in 2015, and the gorgeous tassel attached came from my Stash Co. wallet.

And just to keep it real, things not pictured:
- Tylenol
- feminine hygiene stuff
- Tums
- receipts, so many of them
- Harry Potter stamps
- gum
- broken pencils
- the key to a lock that has been changed + corresponding key chain
- monster/skull band-aids
- work schedule
- sonogram pictures
- Skittles

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Etsy Shop Update

With a little one on the way and my life not looking like it's going to get any less hectic anytime soon, I've found myself looking at options for money making that are a bit more passive. That's when I found a few articles that talked about a part of Etsy I was always afraid to approach before... digital downloads.

A lot of the products I sell at farmer's markets are one of a kind. 30 minutes can go into a card that sells for five dollars. And while that isn't exactly time wasted, it does seem as if I could do a bit more with my creativity. So I had a "duh" moment and started scanning in my cards. I've now got quite a few listed on my Etsy shop (JesLesemannHughesArt) and I'm so excited to share them here!

I hope to add more cards as time goes on, and then possibly expand what I sell, but baby steps. For now, I'm just excited to have some creative juices flowing.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Mood Board #1

Right now my wish is to park an Airstream in the back yard, renovate it with a super beachy vibe, and then take it on the road, wearing comfy worn out clothes and painting abstract landscapes the whole time. Dream life, yeah? I asked my husband if we could do it and he seemed a bit apprehensive. What, you don't want to birth/raise a newborn in a space that's smaller than our living room? Silly.

These jeans look like the kind of jeans you'd wear during lazy days around the house, which are my favorite kind of jeans. (Buy similar here.) (Or just go to a thrift store, buy some mom jeans, bleach them, and wear them every day. For style purposes. Or because comfy jeans can easily become a uniform.)

This tee was from Billabong like three years ago.

That bag is an old one from Bluma Project, but all of their bags have the same beachy feel.

Love love love these sunglasses from Ascot + Hart, but that could just be because they're called Gia.

Sometimes I want to give into the teenager part of me that just needs to cover her walls with beautiful pictures.

This. House. Tour. Is. Amazing. It's the house of one of the aforementioned Ascot + Hart owners, and it is described as "California meets Texas" which I guess really fits in with my tastes. I love how eclectic, casual, kid friendly, and fun it all is.

I cannot get enough of Mavis the Airstream. Jason & Sheena, the people who remodeled this little beauty, have such excellent taste. Everything is light, flowy, airy, and perfect. It's calming just to look at the pictures, I can't even imagine what it would be like to spend time in their little slice of heaven. Their Instagram is super inspiring too.

This keychain is so very cute.

The last photo is from the Instagram of one of my all time favorite artists Teil Duncan Henley. She switches up her subjects every once and a while but always has the same style and color pallet and I just can't get enough of it.

Other things that fit this vibe:

This scarf from Block Shop.
Everything about this outfit.
This girl power shirt.
This whole stinkin pin board of beachy locks.

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