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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

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When I was scrolling through the Ikea website today (as you do) I found the cutest bed. And then I saw this rug that was giving me the same vibes, and then I found another rug that would be perfect for layering with the first one, and then I found the most adorable plant pots, and then all the sudden I was planning an entire room based on this one stinkin bed.

Unfortunately, I've been banned from changing around monster's room before I get the current theme done (logical, I guess) so I guess I'm going to just live in a dreamland for now. And my dreamland is taking the shape of a retro meets moody tropical children's room. Which sounds weird but totally works. And better yet, everything you need to create this dream world (besides paint) can be found at Ikea.

The mirror is an adorable DIY from Mr. Kate. I would use the NISSEDAL white mirror long ways and paint the sun design at the top.

The bed that started it all is the MINNEN bed frame. Pair it with the URSKOG blue tiger duvet cover and pillowcase, the dark blue LISAMARI throw, yellow SOLGUL blanket, and URSKOG white tiger cushion and you've got the purrfect tropical bed.

For lighting I can't help but suggest the yellow GRIMSÅS pendant lamp. It looks like a magical little swarm of bugs or birds. The rugs I selected were the IKEA ART EVENT 2019 rug designed by Craig Green and the yellow LANGSTED rug.

The plant is the Ficus Elastica in the RÅGKORN 12.5" pot. The two other containers are the yellow SOMMAR 2019 plant pot (pictured three times because it's just that cute) and the SOMMAR 2019 picnic basket.

I think that the Meet the Tiger book would be such a perfect addition to this space, and the LUSTIGT loom is just awesome.

And there you have it! Obviously there are a ton of other things that would match this room perfectly, (I mean, just look at this other rug by Misaki Kawai, and this BILD love poster) but I have to sleep sometimes so I'll end this daydream here.
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