Inspire me... Tina St. Claire (tfail)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

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I wrote about how much I love Tina's work in this post about 4 years ago. Heartbreakingly, Tina passed away in March of last year. She was a multi-faceted artist with many different skills and ideas under her belt, even at such a young age, and I think we still have so much more we can learn from this talented individual. That's why I'm asking her to inspire me again.
Tina's fiance has started an IndieGoGo campaign for a documentary about Tina's life and work. This is an amazing opportunity to not only preserve the work of such a unique artist, but also to ensure that her voice will live on and maybe even thrive in the years ahead. I'm including a link and asking that if you have any interest in the beautiful work of this extremely talented women that you take the time to look at the donation tiers and see if there is any rewards you would be interested in.

Links for Tina St. Claire:

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Sketchy Outfits thirty-three, thirty-four, and thirty-five

Monday, March 6, 2017

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Outfit 1:
Striped Shirt // Long Green Vest // Jeans // Striped Shoes

Outfit 2:
Black Biker Jacket // Lace Dress // Wet Look Black Leggings // Black Boots

Outfit 3:
Plaid Vest // Black Thermal // Jeans // Black Boots
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