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Monday, September 29, 2014

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There's something about fabric and flesh carved in stone that just takes my breath away. Those were always the sculptures that made me stop and look twice at the museum, or actually made me pay attention in art class. It boggles my mind how something so solid can look so soft...

So when I came across Livio Scarpella's series "Ghost Underground," my heart skipped a beat. The real beauty of the series is that it's classic ideas made contemporary by a few minor changes. A bit of detailing in the lace, or the flower crown. And then, the crystals embedded into the heart of the sculpture, representing the soul of the character. Different stones symbolize different moral orientations, which gives these statues a level of humanity.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

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It's been a long long time, haha. So we'll jump right in!

Have you ever wanted a baby dragon? Yes? Well they haven't found those yet, but there is a lizard called the armadillo lizard that is seriously the next best thing.

I love this watercolor mug tutorial from Poppytalk. Simple and messily elegant!

As soon as I saw this post about a Cornershop Stocked with felt goods (all created by Lucy Sparrow), I was immediately jealous. Oh, to live in London!

I really want to try to make some watercolors at home. This tutorial from Premeditated Leftovers for watercolors made from flower petals seems like a great use for my leftover wedding flowers!

I've seen a lot of accent wall tutorials, but I have to say that this Pixelated Wall from Classy Clutter is my favorite. So lovely and unique!
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