sketchy outfit four

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It feels like I've been doing these sketches forever. I think there's quite a few that haven't been scanned and uploaded... maybe one day I'll fix that. :]

Here's todays!

Okay... maybe I wasn't wearing a cape today. But it's a hint of what's to come... dun dun dun! Plus, if I had a cape, I totally would of worn it. Bowties are cool. Capes are also cool.

I've got graduate school on the brain. Found a "Charming Victorian Apartment" for rent... and drooled a little.

Then I found a blog called What Would a Nerd Wear...  it's "an archive of grad student style."  Drooled some more.

This girl is my outfit inspiration for the day. She puts together the cutest things!

And she linked to a website that I checked out, and found this necklace.  Now my keyboard is covered in drool.

(And I'm in an amazing mood because my teeth were fixed for FREE... maybe that's why there's so much drool in this post. :D Isn't it great when the warranty on your tooth hasn't expired before you break a chunk off eating rice? Isn't it weird to have a warranty on your tooth in the first place? I thought so, too... but there's no way I'm complaining!)

I hope your day is as lovely as mine was!

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