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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I see a lot of blogs that feature a daily outfit, which I think is just too stinkin cute. (My favorite example is the talented author of A Beautiful Mess. I wish I was that creative with my hair.) I don't really like to take pictures of myself, so I came up with another solution. Sketchy! It's really a win-win, because it motivates me to dress up cute, AND I'm practicing drawing!

So without further ado...

Aaaand on another but kinda related note, recently I've been feeding off of Chuck from Pushing Daisies for fashion inspiration.

I wish I could have raided that set. It was just too amazing.

Okay, that's not from the show... but it's the same girl, and the outfit is still adorable.
Do you have any fashion inspiring shows?

Have a great day!

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  1. I looove these outfits! I can so see you in them. I don't think I have any fashion inspirational shows... I'm kind of fashion-stunted recently. I have cute clothes, but I don't think I've found "my" style in them. Someday..


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