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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm an Austen nut... a literature in general nut, actually. I've worked in libraries for almost a decade already, and I'm only in my early 20's! In most ways I fit the librarian stereotype, too. I've got books strewn about, I've got a nook. I've got a cat. I'm shy and can be a total wallflower.

I'm sure your mind is conjuring up all these images... A mousy girl walled in her room by lengthy classic books, listening to Vivaldi,  talking to her cat, and refusing to emerge from her hermit-hole unless her room-mate is at work.

But that's not me at all... besides talking to my cat.  When it comes to me, you'll find that I'm all about quirks. For example, my cat acts more like a dog. My book stack is populated by a couple classics, a slew of comic books, a few of the current popular young adult series, and topped off with an issue of Vogue. The only two songs on my nook right now are a Nine Inch Nails song and Whisper by Unsun (totally amazing girl-fronted metal band).  And my sport of choice is Roller derby. It's impossible to be a wallflower if you're involved with derby. Seriously. I tried. How does that mental image look now?


So I'm saying I'm quirky. Or a contradiction of myself.


Have you ever heard of the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

I feel like that book is a match made in heaven for me. A classic spiced up by the addition of zombies! Thankfully, the zombie-pocalypse hasn't happened.  That leaves me to spice up my life with the stuff on this fashion wish-list.


I call it Quirked Classics.

Bordello Tempt-126 boots $75



Not To-tealy Traditional Dress by ModCloth $50


Thigh Highs by Dior  ...um... I don't want to know what they cost, honestly.


Felt Cameo Brooch by Wintersgatefairy $7


Have a quirky day!

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