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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mary Kate McDevitt does the kind of work that I would give my left foot to be paid to do. Her text based pieces are fun and lighthearted, and manage to capture essence of whatever message they are trying to convey.

"It is also worthy to note that this poster was all hand lettered and hand printed without the help of a computer." - from Mary Kate's site.

You can tell when a work is hand made. It's the imperfections that give it away. By imperfections, I'm not referring to mistakes. Instead, I am referring to the lack of symmetry, the unevenness of the printing, or the fact that not all the lines are vector-straight. I'm a strong believer that "imperfections" like these that show that a piece was made with a hand that loved what it was doing, which makes the art worth so much more in my book.

Bridal Shower Invite (made for a client)

Another thing I like is that the "quotes" she uses seem to just be messages to herself. Her work is not just inspiring for the artistic aspects.It's inspiring for living.

Cheers. I hope you have an inspired day.

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