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Friday, June 29, 2012

Like with most small towns, the teens around here are constantly bored. At the library we try to cure this problem by providing them with activities that are fun, but also different from what they would find anywhere else. 
We keep most of our programs for the teens exclusive to just their age group, to avoid the catastrophe of the event being "lame". This year, though, we decided to branch out and try program called "Big Geek, Little Geek" that combines the older kids and a younger kids. Big Geek Little Geek is a monthly program that partners a High School student with a Junior High student to promote unique learning experiences in a friendly and accepting atmosphere. These programs are more about teaching new skills in an interesting way than being directly book based. Of course we try to tie in books whenever possible, but our main hope is that these programs will being new people into the building, and change perceptions on what the library is. 
Our first Big Geek Little Geek activity was a photo scavenger hunt. Here are some of the shots (not all taken by me), and a scan of the list of possible things to find. If you look at the number of kids who attended it might be our worst program this summer, but everyone who was there had fun, so I'd say it was worth it. 

No guinea pigs were hurt during the making of our Angry Birds level. :)

If you click on the list it will take you to a version that's easier to see.

There are a few programs every year that I'd like to try again, to see if we could get more people to attend. This is one of them. We used digital cameras this time around, but I'd love to get some disposable cameras for the next time. It would limit the amount of photos everyone could take, so I would have the group (as a whole) judge the photos on things like composition, or pure awesomeness. I think that having them work with a real camera and film and then critiquing the photos themselves could make it more of an interesting and educational experience.

Don't hesitate to print it out the list and try this for yourself! I'd love to see the results.

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