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Thursday, June 14, 2012

This week has been stressful, but in a fun way. I've got a video game tournament to set up tonight, and then a full day of teen tournament madness tomorrow. I've got my Rockstar, Xbox, and every copy of Halo that I own ready, so I should be good to go.... famous last words...

For now, though, I'd like to take a minute to relax and share all the things I'm obsessing over this week.

Photograph from this flickr.
A few years ago my Game Boy Micro's screen broke. Since then I have had my heart set on getting another Micro, but recently I have been entertaining the idea of getting a SP, because it seemed more durable. I was going to get a basic one and paint it orange, but then I came across this one. It was pretty much love at first sight.

I was introduced to this cutie by the Craft blog. It is a chicken. It is a footstool. It is a chicken footstool, and it's feet are made of bronze. How stinkin cute is that? 

(This photo was found on pinterest, but the source was a dead end.) 
Blue hair is so refreshing and beautiful. I planned on dying only my tips this summer, but every time I see a picture like this I want to color the whole mess blue.

I've signed up for the Color Run in August. From what I understand, it's perfectly fine to walk it... but I'd like to run at least a little of the way. :)

(image found on google)
I always wanted to live in Selena Kyle's apartment from Batman: Returns. Vintage decor, pale pink walls, stuffed animals everywhere, a dollhouse that has been spray painted black, and a neon sign that says "Hell Here." This might have been my first introduction to the world of creepy-cute, and I loved it.

DIY "recipes" from the blog Dailylike.
This blog isn't in English, but the pictures explain the crafts with such clarity that it doesn't really matter. The projects they feature are mostly made with paper, and they're all relatively simple looking, and adorable to boot!

I am on a quest to find the perfect Mid-Century buffet sideboard. I don't really know anything about antique furniture, but I've been finding myself wishing I had one of these to put in an entrance hallway.

Photo from the shop Sarah Rainwater. Found on Design*Sponge.
 Wouldn't it be so neat if someone developed a badge program for bloggers? "You did 10 DIY posts! Here's your badge!" or "100 followers! Put this on your vest!" I would love it. It would be my mission to get all of the badges... or at least the pretty ones. :)

 Found on Design*Sponge.
A house with fading pink steps and card catalogs in the office? Be still my beating heart.

Found on pinterest. From Collier Campbell.
The colors in this scarf are so lovely, and I can't get enough of that painted design.

My advice for how to stay alive today is... paint your stairs distracting colors. Blood red is a good choice, or some bright neon color that will blind the zombies, therefore making the stairs impossible to go up. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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