Inspire Me... Craig Davison

Sunday, July 1, 2012

When I got my first glimpse of this artist's work, I immediately was transported to a world where you could be anything you wanted to be. Craig Davison has created an entire series of paintings featuring children pretending to be larger than life characters, with their shadows showing who they are in their minds. The playful subjects are so delightfully inspiring, they took me back to a time when such pretendings were encouraged. Who didn't run around as a child pretending to be Batman, Wonder Woman, or in my case, a Power Ranger?
As for the work itself, his style of brushstrokes and choice of poses gives the pieces a lively quality, yet the colors chosen make the paintings look gritty, perhaps another hint to the whole concept of children playing (and ultimately getting filthy). And I want to point out that he uses both boys and girls as his characters, putting a spin on the whole "girls have to play with dolls" issue, which is something I feel passionately about. All in all, his work is wonderful. A great concept, and so well done... it puts a smile on my face.

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