July giveaway!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm constantly finding adorable vintage items that I either can't fit into, or don't have the room for. Rather than let these cute little finds go to waste, I've decided that I'll snatch up a few items to give away every month. With this month being my first giveaway, I thought I'd double the fun. Not only do I have a real life prize to give away, but I also have a wallpaper to share!

These three adorable glasses were waiting to be bought at my local thrift store. They've got three messages: "Thinking of you" (the owl), "You're one in a million" (the fishies), and "Knowing you makes me feel special" (the turtle). If these glasses look like something you could see in your home, leave a comment saying so. Remember, they're free, so of course I'll pay for shipping (within the United States). 
Winner will be picked at the end of July.

Onto free goodies for everyone! I totally took advantage of the tutorial I posted in my last ten things, and made a cute little game controller wallpaper. The two images look a little different, so if you want to set it as your wallpaper, take a look at both of them. :)


  1. They would go great with my odd assortment of glasses.

  2. They would go great with the sweet taste of randomized victory.


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