Monday, August 6, 2012

inspire me... Sara Applebaum

Sometimes people do art that just makes you happy. Sara Applebaum is one of those artists. Her colorful installations instantly bring a smile to my face. Mixes of fiber and paper arts, geometric and organic shapes, vivid colors and sparse white backgrounds, these works are textbook examples of juxtaposition (and we all know I have a huge soft spot for works playing with that).

The star of her show, though, is definitely her crocheted pieces. While the picture that I'm sharing with you doesn't have a huge amount of crochet in it, many of her instalations do. They're always beautiful and inspiring works. And they are usually so colorful they make your eyes hurt... in an awesome way.

If you would like to see more of these awesome colorful pieces, please check out her website.

And, btw, how awesome would crocheted armor look? Maybe not very good for defense against zombies, but at least you'd be warm... and look cool.

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