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Friday, January 4, 2013

1. Get fit. This has always been a goal for me, but this year I want to take it seriously. I really started to appreciate running last year, and  I would like to do the color run again... except it would be great to run the entire thing. I think I`m going to sign up for an August run, so we'll see!

2. Art more. Art, as a verb, means the creation of anything you want. Well... to me at least. I'm including crafts, drawing, painting, design... I've got an art degree, I think I should use it.

3. Throw parties. I am constantly dreaming up party ideas. This year i would like to take those ideas and use them for real life. I don't have a lot of friends who are the themed dinner party type, but maybe I can change their minds. Though with most of them you say the words "free food" and they'll be there. :]

4. Blog more. Self explanatory on here, right? Last year I got way better at consistency. This year i want to up the amount of original content. I've got a few idea for regular features, and I've got some exciting new stuff planned, too.

5. Decorate my space. I've been collecting inspiration and some small decor items... but now time to get organized and really define what my personal decor style is. I cant wait to have a space that's just for me.

So that's my resolutions for 2013. Bring. It. On. :]

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