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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Part of the reason I started blogging was to have a space to catalog all of my experiences.  I'm a horribly forgetful person, so it's nice to have a place where I can scroll through my life and remind myself of the exciting things I did that year. Right now I'm taking a moment to reflect on what an amazing 2012 I had, so I thought I'd share my favorite posts with you. :]

In January I gave a old clutch a cute new update. I use it as my make-up bag now, because just looking at it makes me feel glamorous.

In June I switched my blog over to blogger, and I revamped everything. It made a big difference in the frequency of my posts. I went from average one post a month to at least one a week!

I loved the our library's Hunger Game's event, so of course the two posts talking about that go on my favorites list. (Do you have what it takes to be a tribute? and Let the Games begin!)

June was also the month I started my ten things series. I love curating those posts. :]

In September I made this colorblock neon side table. I'm still smitten with it. It perfectly fits my aesthetic personality at the moment. 

In October I was really busy with life stuff, but I did manage to post some pictures that remind me of how exciting of a month it was. I got to go to a librarian convention (which is a LOT more fun than it sounds haha) and another awesome concert.

In November I finally got around to posting about our library's video game tournament series. Even though it was not as popular as I would have liked, I still mark it off as a BIG goal that I completed. I mean... 4 big tournaments over half a year? That's a lot of work! :]

In December I actually had a lot of posts that I liked, including my print wish list (as an update, my wonderful boyfriend bought me the Pepper Project book, and we learned how long it takes to ship something from Singapore. Doh!) and my dream Christmas tree. I also finished my masters class (got the best grade I've gotten in any class since I left high school), and got really excited when ... well that's a surprise I can't give away yet. :]

So... looking back, yeah. I'd say last year was a success. I did a lot of things that I'll be able to look back on as some of the best experiences of my life. This year is going to be just as good though, so stay tuned!

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