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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I like to bake. Mostly cupcakes. Mostly weird cupcakes. Like for one event I tried to make cranberry cupcakes... they came out more like cranberry biscuits. The only person that would eat them is my boyfriend. Another time I made champaign cupcakes with champaign icing and a firework on top (you can see them in this post). They were edible, at least, and quite pretty. But the frosting was a little... odd.
So I've decided I'm just going to roll with it. Maybe one day I'll open a shop, and I'll call it "Errmaigerd Cupcakes," and all of the cupcakes will be just not quite right, and look like a two year old made them, but they'll taste amazing. And my energy drink cupcakes with buffalo wing frosting will be a hit. (Man, even I think that sounds gross.)
So, in rolling with my odd cupcakes theme, here is my most recent creations: colorful cupcakes with cookie dough icing.

To make colorful cupcakes, you just mix up a box of white cake mix (I used Betty Crocker White Super Moist), divide the mix into three separate bowls, and add a different color of food coloring for each bowl. Pour the colors into the cupcake wrappers, one at a time, so you've got layers. Through the magic of cake batter, the colors won't mix. Then bake the cupcakes like you would normally!

Here's the recipe for the cookie dough frosting. I'm a cookie dough addict, so this was an excellent find for me... or maybe I should say egg-less-cellant. ... get it? HA!
And with that gem of a joke, I'm outta here!

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  1. MMnnn those cupcakes look goooood!!!

    Ali of


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