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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The blog Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno has a feature called Young Love Mad Style that I can't get enough of. They take photos of young couples with great taste, then interview them. I can't get over how inspirational these couples are, for their awesome sense of style, but also for how in love they are. It's heartwarming.

Megan Lara creates geeky (but so beautiful) art nouveu inspired shirts. I want to own all of them.

This photoshoot of Jenna Louise Coleman and Matt Smith for Times magazine is fantastic. I absolutely adore the addition of Oswin to the Doctor Who world, and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite people.

This paper bird pendant from etsy seller The Bird The Bee is a inspired by the Hayao Miyazaki film Spirited Away. I love subtle but stylish tributes to my nerdy obsessions.

I keep coming back to this fishbraid tutorial with the intent to try it out. Maybe today will be the day?

I love the outfit Laura from The Band Wife is rockin in this post. Chartreuse sweater and black shiny leggings? Swoon. And oh man that chair... wonderful.

Sevenly is a website that creates beautifully designed shirts in support of charities, and giving them part of the profits. To date they have given almost 2 million to various causes. They support a new charity each week, so even if this week's designs aren't your cup of tea, next week's could be just what you wanted.

I've been coveting this origami blanket from Mika Barr. If i owned it I would play with it all the time!

Bri's (from DESIGNLOVEFEST) living room is excellent. Wonderful pops of color and the perfect amount of plants. In one post there's a picture of her crafting while sitting on the floor at her coffee table, which made me instantly jealous. One day that'll be me!

This peek into Jenny Brandt's home one Design*Sponge is just right. I love all the quirkiness, color, and white walls. I'm gathering all of this inspiration up for when it's time for me to decorate (finally).

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