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Monday, September 23, 2013

Willy Verginer was brought to my attention by The Jealous Curator blog, and I had a hard time picking out a favorite sculpture to show you guys because they're all SO good. I don't think I've fallen this hard for sculpture since my first time viewing Giacometti.

Basically, this guy was doing dip dying and colorblocking way before it was cool. His realistic wood sculptures are carved with breathtaking detail while still maintaining the beautiful texture that comes from the process. I love that some parts of these pieces aren't smoothed to perfection. It really gives you a feel for what went into creating the piece. On some works (like the one pictured below) he adds ornate details to certain sections, pushing the already gorgeous piece into the realm of legendary.

And the color. I can barely type I'm so in love. Most pieces have a base color of a lovely creme or dark gray, which work well in that they force you to look at the details. And then you get to the beautiful pop of color, in elegant plum or lavish gold leaf or shocking orange, all placed with geometric perfection to draw your attention in the best way.

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