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Friday, September 27, 2013

4. Aviators! (picture from pinterest)

I'm normally super jealous of any semi-coherent "about me" on a blog. I can't even get a measly paragraph about myself on my own. So I find the "about me" page of the blogger behind The Band Wife to be out of this world amazing. I mean, she has such a cute story behind her marriage. Pretty much one of those dream come true sort of lives. So very jealous!

Guilty pleasure... Cookie Clicker. Seriously, I'm building a cookie-making empire. All day, every day.

Another guilty pleasure... Teen Wolf. I especially love Stiles' Jeep. Like, it's probably my favorite part. If it ever died, I would be heartbroken. I would love to own a pretty teal Jeep of my own.

This fireplace on A Beautiful Mess! Black and white stripes? Yes please!

This cute little kitty (affectionately called Sir Stuffington) was rescued after a raccoon attack. The attack left him with some deformities on his left eye... and now he is the cutest pirate to ever walk the land.

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