2013 crammed into one post

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I featured some great artists in my inspire me posts, my favorite being Gris Grimly. I also kept up with my ten things posts, and my sketchy outfit series. I also started a new thing called WIP where I show the process that goes into my artwork.

In January I reviewed Halo 4, got really excited about underpants, celebrated the holidays in a magical way, and bought a new house.

In February I talked about cheap ways to do design work, made some library-lover valentines, and showed the evolution of my art style.

In March I destroyed my new house and lusted over cat lady things.

In April I made some awesome cupcakes, showed some library love, and launched a webcomic. Don't get too excited, the poor baby didn't last past week two. :[ Maybe one day...

In May I went to C2E2!

In June and July I disappeared to work on art. No regrets! (You should totally go check out my portfolio to see what I did!)

In August I thought a lot about lights, and saw one of my favorite bands live for the first time.

In September I obsessed over sunglasses, made some steampunk waterguns, and visited Minnesota.

In October my life went a little haywire, and I didn't get anything posted. But  the week of Halloween I moved and got engaged! It was nuts.

In November I bleached an awesome tshirt, cosplayed as Rose Tyler to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and made a pretty neat garland.

In December I trained to be a superhero, wrote beautiful words in gold, had a sweet holiday breakfast, and created a guide for what to give the fanboy/girl in your life (part one and part two).

So as you can see, this year was chalk full of memorable moments. I'm so grateful that I'm able to look back and appreciate the opportunities I've been given. And next year is looking to be even better.

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