ten [it's 2014] things

Friday, January 3, 2014

10 things I want to do in 2014:

Get married.
Because there's a man that was crazy enough to propose, so I better get this done with before he changes his mind. :]
Draw every day.
Tried this last year, it worked... okay. Round two!
Pay more attention to my health.
How can something so simple be the hardest goal?
Sell some art.
It's time my degree started working for a living.
Take more pictures of important things.
Like my cat... or my family.
Get some fresh flowers.
Get one BIG project done.
Lots of projects floating around.
Eat more Mexican food.
Because... yum.
Finish some video games.
Cause I have an addiction to video games you can't win.
Laugh more.
Laugh lines be damned.


  1. yes! Digging your Instagram drawings! :) I keep the pic you drew of me on my bulletin board

    1. Awwwesome! It's so great to force myself to draw haha


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