DIY Valentines Gift

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hello! Valentines Day is in a few days, so I thought I'd share the presents I've made for the people at the library where I work!

At our library we have an obsession with this stuff called Kinetic Sand. You've probably seen it somewhere. It's so cool to play with, and really just... entrancing to watch move, haha! We have joked about buying everyone their own to keep at their desk to play with, so I thought it was the perfect gift for this Valentines day.

Tissue paper, Kinetic Sand, scissors, ribbon, a pen, some paper, berry baskets, and small baggies.

It took me forever to think of a punny slogan for this present, but I finally settled on "I wanna mold your sand!" It's a play on this Beatles song, but I'm sure you recognized that...

Of course, the Valentine's I made were cute, but I have to admit that they were a little complicated. So you can either use my berry basket idea, or print our these handy labels and put the sand into a snack sized ziploc bag. Extra cute points if you mold the sand into a heart!

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