Happenings: Carnivals and Cake

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hello hello!

First things first! My sister has survived the journey to England with only a few minor hiccups and embarrassing stories. It's been weird having to snapchat her only certain times of the day, but beyond that our family has adjusted to the change pretty well. Adam and I got our plan tickets last week, so I'm looking forward to seeing her and England next month!

As far as life on this side of the pond goes, I've been keeping pretty busy. I've been working on some commissions, getting settled into the school year routine at the library, teaching art lessons, and getting some projects done for the house. I've also dusted off my embarrassingly cheap electric guitar and have been trying to learn some songs in my down time. I promise I have bought a real capo, and don't plan to use a pencil for the rest of my life.

This past weekend was the highlight of our small town's fall - the Oktoberfest. It's basically a mini reunion for the town. They shut down the main streets for three days and put up huge event tents. There is brats and beer and carnival rides, and it's always a good time.

Also, last night we got out this bad boy, and you know what that means! (Does a happy little one year anniversary dance). I can't believe I've been married for a year. Like, I know its a super cliche thing to say, but sometimes it feels like it's only been a few months, other times it feels like it's been 10 years. In a good way, I promise.

And here's some of my favorite things right now:

I love the look of these necklaces from DYLANLEX paired with a old band tee. It might be a little over the top, but I think it's amazing.

It's time for me to buy a new purse, so I've been looking around a bit. Right now I'm into this one from Stash Co, this one from Madewell, and this one from Nine West. None of those are the perfect choice, though, so I'm going to keep looking.

This Han Solo Pop-Tart is one of the coolest toys I've ever seen. It's such a shame that it was a limited batch.

World of Warcraft: Legion is basically my video game dreams come true. I had been joking the day before the announcement that I hoped they would bring my very favorite (and very dead) bad guy back, and they totally are.

I've been trying to strum my way through Cold Blooded by the Pretty Reckless and Angel by Theory of a Deadman. It's been... well it probably sounds horrible, because I don't have a capo and my guitar is out of tune, but I think I'm getting the fingering correct, and that's what matters... right?

So that's whats up with me! How are you doin?

Have a great week!

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