My (new) Healthy Lifestyle: Weeks Five and Six

Monday, October 5, 2015

These two weeks were definitely the best I've had since I started this challenge. My first week I had everything mapped out and was doing really well. Every day I got up, got my workout done, and was ready to tackle the rest of the day with all of my enthusiasm. I was going so non-stop, though, that towards the last half of the second week I ran out of steam. I might have a balance issue, haha.
I've also discovered that when I have big projects to complete, like cleaning my house or finishing a commission, I tend to put working out on a back burner. I don't know if that's okay, because projects should take priority, or if it would help me focus if I started the day with the shot of endorphins and clarity that a workout gives me. I guess I won't know until I've tried both!
I think in one of these posts I said I would continue this challenge for 6 weeks, but I'm going to extend that number to 8. That's right before my vacation, so I think I'll take a break while I'm on vacation, then I'll get back into it. I'd like to keep doing this for up to 12 weeks, so we will see how that goes!

 I completed so many awesome workouts the first week, including the Couch to 5k week one, a pilates video, a cardio video, and of course my yoga routines. But by Wednesday morning of the second week I was NOT feeling it. It was cold(ish) out, I kept stressing about that big project... I was deliberating all of the excuses possible. But then I looked at my dresser and saw my adorable new workout clothes from Wal-Mart, and I thought "I guess I could do 30 minutes of cardio or pilaties." While searching youtube for something to do I found Cassie Ho's "Bodypop Dance Routine" video and I ended up doing the whole dance three times (It was so much fun, and not much of a challenge at all). I'm going to embed this music video for the song here because it is just that adorable, not to mention hecka inspiring!

That plus some other of her videos had me working for over 45 minutes! Moral of the story: laying out cute clothes DOES work.

As far as food goes, week five was also a five star week. I watched what I was eating, but maybe a little too much! I need to get better at pacing myself and eating enough calories, which is a very weird/new thing for me.

I also tried out this recipe for Baked Spinach and Eggs from Manila Spoon, with adjustments for what I had in my fridge (egg whites and Munster cheese). It was so yummy... definitely something I'd suggest trying.

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