Quirky and Fun! (One Table, Three Ways)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

This is the third and final table from my "one table, three ways" series! I had a lot of fun putting this together, so I might do it again sometime. This week I featured a series of tables that I styled to fit a certain theme. I used the same base components for each setting, (placemats, plates, silverware and a "menu") and then added things from around my house to make the look fit the theme I had in mind. The goal was to create something that would be easy to replicate, but could also be used as inspiration for something better!

For this table I just went for a general quirky and fun theme. I knew that my base was pretty plain, so I wanted to add lot of color to make it a little more inviting. 

I knew I wanted to use candy as a centerpiece, but when I put it in a bowl it all looked very... flat. I looked around for some other type of vessel, and my eye fell onto my bar cabinet. I pulled out three pretty vintage wine glasses (which I bought at Goodwill... they always have a few) in varying sizes and filled them up with candy. Instant centerpiece that looks a little more classy, but was super easy to make. I added my dino shakers and a little bit of confetti and the table looked like it was ready to party!

I love the idea of leaving out some disposable cameras to document the night in a way no one really does anymore. I didn't have any disposables on hand, so I replaced them with Polaroids for this photo shoot. I think either way adds a unique twist to the dinner, and you'll have memories you can hold on to or give away when the night is said and done with.

These place settings had a lot of little extra things to help along the "fun" theme. I had cloth napkins with lots of different colors (thanks, Mom!), which really added to the overall randomness of the table. I also included a lot of cheap quirky things at each spot, including some costume accessories and a toy (both of which you can get at a dollar store, usually in the party section). I also added some fun things for their drinks, like a bendy straw and an umbrella!

Just in case you guys were curious, here are the links to the things you saw in every post:

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