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Monday, January 4, 2016

For these posts I like to pick goals I can count. I love looking back and checking things off, like I have the past few years. So keep in mind that this isn't everything I want to accomplish this year, or all the changes I want to make. It's just the 10 that I felt like sharing.

Learn more songs on guitar.
I've been -slowly- learning how to play guitar. I used to when I was in high school, because that's just what you do in high school, but recently I picked it up again. It's so satisfying when I finally get a song to a recognizable point, haha.

Take better care of my car.
I recently was lucky enough to get my dream car (!!!). I've always been not so good at taking care of cars. I wasn't terrible, but I wouldn't be surprised if people looked into my car window and assumed that a teenage boy owned it.

Keep my etsy shop stocked with fresh content.
This is kind of an all-encompassing goal, because it requires that I do art and become more organized all at the same time. I don't feel comfortable setting myself goals that are stuff like "sell more items on etsy" just because I can't control how many people want to buy my things. What I can control is what I put up for sale, so hence this goal is born!

Play around with streaming more.
I started streaming video games last month, and I really enjoyed it. I like the feeling of having a product that's instantly done, and that has instant feedback. 

My Healthy Lifestyle: Round Two.
I'm thinkin 14 weeks this time!

Get more ideas out of my head and into reality.
Oh, and completed. Generally, completing projects should be a focus this year.

Get. To. Places. Early.
Chronically, embarrassingly late. I swear it's not on purpose. I swear I'm not doing it to spite anyone. I'm just really bad at time management. Like, REALLY bad. So I'm going to try to adopt the "if you're not 5 minutes early you're late" attitude. 

Keep a clean space.
It helps my brain so much when things are clean. 

Go on more small adventures.
Hiking, camping, and road trips. All sorts of little things to take advantage of this gorgeous country that I live in.

Edit and focus.
Try to produce generally better content, that focuses on a unified brand of "me." 

And now it's time for my favorite part: crossing off last year's list!

Sell things. 
Did this. Killed this! I went to farmer's markets, kept my shops update, and did a few commissions. It was a very good year for my art. 
Don't be afraid to self promote.

Sort of did this? I think I'll always be afraid to brag about myself. But I tried, and I'll keep trying.

One grand trip? Does my first trip out of the country count? Cause I think it does. 
Make more photo collections.

100% did not do. I need to get on this.
Do housework for at least 15 minutes a day.

I did... more housework. But definitely not this much housework.
Post regularly // get regular blog visitors.
I didn't post regularly, but I did post more. And my visitor numbers have gone up quite a bit!
Clean up computer and back up files.
Just... shaking my head.
Have a "cute" yard sale.

There's still time, right?
Get active hobbies. 

Yoga and walking totally count.
Finish projects.
Be excited about life!


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