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Monday, February 1, 2016

I have been obsessing over the work of Marija Tiurina recently. Sometimes I can see an artists work a few times before something really grabs me and makes me want to fall further into their portfolio. For Tiurina that piece was Artoxication, which is the first one pictured below. I love the style of illustration used for that piece, with all of its exaggerated features and sharp shading. And with so many little details, it's a piece you can get lost in for a good amount of time.

After looking through her various social medias, I realized that having a chaotic piece that was made cohesive by a lovely color scheme was a common - and wonderful - theme in her work. She seems to want to get you a little lost in every big piece she does. Her work is charming but in a twisted way, using colors to lull you into a sense of safety then being a little shocking when you realize what's actually happening. A great example of that is her version of the classic Pac-Man game, which was comissioned by Namco and will be hanging in a gaming bar in Chicago. 

(I'll be visiting Chicago in two months, so I hope to see that piece in person!)

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