Inspire me... Zim & Zou

Monday, February 6, 2017

Sometimes I look at art and say "wow, that is truly amazing." Then there are the times when I look at art and think "wow, they reached inside my brain and pulled out my dreams and have made the impossible a reality." The work of Zim & Zou does just that.

The bold fun colors coupled with an insane attention to precise and geometrical detail leaves me with the feeling that a robot that just really loves raves is the real face behind these collections. There's something satisfying in straight lines and perfect rectangles, but their more organic-inspired work is just as entrancing. Whether working in paper or fabric, this team's construction is flawless. I can't imagine the number of hours that goes into each single piece, let alone a whole collection. Each detail is another layer of paper, built up to create the textures and patterns that are so enticing. I could spend hours staring at these pieces and still miss some details.

If you'd like to see more of Zim & Zou's work:

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