Last Minute DIY Spirited Away Costume

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Every time I watch Spirited Away I wind up thinking to myself "Chihiro would be such an easy costume to make." Chihiro, in case you are not familiar, is the adorable main character from this wonderful Hayao Miyazaki animated film. When Chihiro's parents are turned into pigs she will do anything to save them, including caring for a filthy river spirit, defeating a swarm of paper birds, and dealing with adorable soot sprites. Like all of Miyazaki's films, this is a trip into a dreamland that will leave you full of delight and wonder.

But when I actually sat down to think about putting together the costume it always felt too simple, like it was missing a piece. Then, while watching the film at a movie night more recently I realized that Haku the dragon resembled a ribbon when he was flying.  So thus the Haku ribbon dancer prop was born, adding that extra layer of "wow" to a simple-to-make costume.

To make a ribbon dancer you need:
white ribbon, at least 2 yards long
a dowel rod
needle and thread
permanent markers or fabric pins in black, teal, pink and gray

1. Fold the top f the ribbon into a triangle and sew a few stitches to keep it together. Nothing fancy required.
2.  Draw the details of Haku's face. (He has a snout like a dog with two long whiskers coming out of his cheeks, and a mane of teal hair. Definitely look up some reference images for this one.) Shade the leftovers area with black.
3. At the opposite end of the ribbon, cut a taper leading to a feather shape for the tail. Wherever you cut the ribbon, paint the edges with glue to seal.
4. Divide the ribbon in half and then in half again to find leg placement. Draw the legs (which are dog legs), with the feet (chicken feet!) in pink.
4. Color the fur in teal across the top and in gray across the belly. When you reach the end transition the gray fur into teal.
7. Color in the tail (I followed the basic layout of a feather). Feel free to line the whole drawing to make it pop.
9. Attached the ribbon to the dowel. I used an eye hook, but there is a gap the thread can slide off of. You could also use a strong straw or just a plain old stick.

What you need for Chihiro's clothes:
green dye, permanent marker, or fabric paint

The most iconic part of Chihiro's costume is the stripe around her torso and sleeves. Get that and pink shorts and you've pretty much got it.

Add the Haku prop and you'll be instantly recognizable as the beloved character.

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