Inspire Me: Emma-Leone Palmer

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Okay, I just could not get through this week without showing you guys the amazing light infused paintings by London based Emma-Leone Palmer. She has painted quite a few breathtaking works in the past (like the entire "Paint Play" series) but these pieces stopped me in my tracks and made me want to dive into their world.

I've seen many light-based works before (thinking of the talented light manipulation photographers you can find on Instagram) but there's a somewhat surreal quality to Emma-Leone's works that take these paintings past typical light manipulation and to a more magical place.

From a distance, the pieces look like they are incredible realism. But when you look closer and start to lose yourself in the work you realize that the brush strokes invoke a sense of movement that can only be found in paintings. Without the rules of realism, the works are given the freedom to manipulate reality to best highlight the subjects themselves. This is not to say that there is a single brush stroke within the piece that is placed without thought: Even the smallest details, such as the strands of hair that escape the mass to frame the face, have a sense of purpose for the composition as a whole.

The lights themselves are treated in such a way that they give the work an almost supernatural vibe. My first unchecked thought upon seeing "Thalassa" was "oh, this girl uses magic to spin light." The neons guide you around the painting, giving your eyes a path to follow while still contributing beautifully to the entire piece.

The color palettes chosen for each piece are fantastic. Using an on-theme rainbow of colors, Emma creates shadows that you can get lost in and highlights that will steal your gaze. She utilizes the lights to create stretches of skin that have no actual "skin color," opting instead for vibrant hues straight from a 90's rave. This results in stunning pieces that leave you simultaneously in awe of the work and hungry for a sugary treat.

If you would like to follow the evolution of this series (it's kinda obvious that I will be), here are Emma-Leone's links:

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