Spooky Fish Bowl Decoration DIY

Monday, October 5, 2020

Amazing your friends with this spooooky fish bowl! This is a craft that I had had in mind for a while, but I never got around to making. I had a plan, I had the supplies... and they sat on the shelf. Then when I did create it... well let's just say maybe I gave myself too much time to think. Turns out my plan was over complicated. But I simplified everything and the project is better for it.

Black Fish Rock
Model Magic
Pipe Cleaners
Small Fish Bowl
Clear Tape
Gray Permanent Marker or Paint

1: Make your fish. 
You can follow along with the step-by-step instructions in the photo below. Take your Model Magic out of the bag and work with it until it is easy to squish. Pinch a tiny piece off and roll it out to create the spine. Take the end of the piece and pinch it flat, creating a tail. Next make the head by shaping another piece of clay into a triangle. Attach the head to the spine. Now roll out one thin coil and cut it into three pieces. Lay these pieces across the back to create the rib cage. The Model Magic will let you work with it for a while, so feel free to tweek until your fish looks how you want. I must warn you, though, that once one part sticks to another it is hard to pry apart.

2: Create your gravestone.
This is a little simpler. Roll out a small flat piece of Model Magic, about 1/3 inch thick, and mold it into the shape of a gravestone. Using a pointy object, gently carve your message into your gravestone (RIP is easiest). Roll out another small section of model magic, thinner this time, to create your base. Attach your gravestone to your base and let dry. Once it is completely dry paint or color the stone gray.

3: Make your plants.
Cut your pipe cleaners in half and wrap them around a pencil. Gently pull them off and mold them until they are a spiral shape you like. Bend the pipe cleaner to a 90-degree angle on the end you would like to be the bottom. Tape the plants to the bottom of the fishbowl.


5. Add your gravestone and your gravel.
Place your gravestone where you want it to be, taping it down if you feel it needs to be secured. Gently pour your fish rock into the bottom of your bowl, being sure to cover the base of your gravestone and any tape.


6. Add your fish.
Gently wedge your fish onto the pipe cleaners, using the space between the rib bones.

With that step your new adorable pet is all set up in it's new home! Be sure to feed it plenty of air and spooky vibes. Please do not actually submerge your pet in water. Please do love your pet with all of your Halloween lovin' heart.

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