Rock Music Book Basket

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

We are a rock music household. The kind that has amps in the basement and vintage vinyl on our shelves. So of course I wanted to introduce my kid to the world of rock as soon as possible. I made this book basket a while ago, when Ro was almost 2 (you can tell by the chubbiness of those adorable fingers that are trying to steal from one of the photos) and the books I picked were all SO cute.

In this basket:

 As for the activity, I think with any musical-themed basket the answer is obvious. Let them listen to music, or let them make music!

We loved Rockabye Baby! when Ro was younger. Rock music turned into lullabies? Yes, please!
Here is a baby guitar similar to the one pictured above! It's the Rock, Light, and Roll Guitar!

Linked below is a printable .pdf with the list of titles in this basket and some bonus bookmarks!

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