Printable Groundhog Day Activity

Monday, January 29, 2024

 It's Groundhog Day soon! We, unfortunately, do not have access to a groundhog this year. What we do have, though, is access to a printer and a mom who has a hobby of making ridiculous activities for her kid. So I made our own groundhog for us to predict the weather with! You can download this PDF at the bottom of the post.

To create your own groundhog, and test whether they see their shadow, you are going to need something to color with, scissors, and maybe some tape. First,  color in your groundhog. Then, cut on the dotted line (Pay attention! It is very important that you ONLY cut on the dotted line.) Last, you will fold on the double line, allowing your groundhog to stand up, while the flat parts work as a base. If your groundhog has trouble staying up, try adding a little tape to the cut part on the right. Now you can set up your groundhog outside to see its shadow (or not!)

Click here to download the Groundhog PDF!

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