the make list: t-shirts to accessories

Saturday, April 23, 2011

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This week's make list projects were centered around t-shirts. Out of one xl t-shirt I managed to make 2 bracelets, a crazy necklace, and a headband.

The bracelets came from this great tutorial from the blog V and Co.

The top perfect examples are hers, and then those silly blurry pictures are mine.

And then there is this tutorial from the blog A Pretty Penny. I've actually seen this linked on quite a few sites, and no wonder. It was so easy to make, and it can look quite professional with minimal effort. This time I'm just going to show my photo. But if you like mine go check out hers. It's muuuuuch more impressive.

And finally my headband... This one wasn't made from tutorials. I had some extra fabric left so I went for it.

I was going for a comfy can still be cute thing. Do you think it worked?

Thats about it. I hope you have a wonderful day.

ps... bowties are cool. Doctor Who tonight!

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sketchy outfit thirteen and fourteen

Friday, April 15, 2011

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Found this photo on a tutorial by Alli of  One Pearl Button. (and yes, the tutorial got added to my "make list").

The whole photo is wonderful, but what really made me fall in love was the greyhound. So goregous!

Have a wonderful day!

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the make list: vintage inspired arrow decor

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So I have this HUGE folder of bookmarks full of things I want to make. I'm talking like 150+ projects, and I add new ones pretty much every day. Every time I look at it I feel a little lazy... These links have been accumulating for over a year, and I haven't actually completed a single project.

Thats about to change, though. I have decided to try to tackle at least one of these projects a week. I'll make them, and then leave pictures and thoughts here... along with a link to the inspiration/tutorial of course!

For my first "make list" project I decided to make arrows inspired by this tutorial by Danielle Thompson.

I had to include one of her photos. They are simply gorgeous.

I'm very satisfied with the way my arrows came out.

I only used acrylic paint, and my feathers were made out of paper.  I used some metallic gold acrylic to add some fun details (best shown by the photo at the top). It took about three hours.

If you want some arrows without all the hassle, Sweetshorn on esty sells some gorgeous vintage sets.

I hope your day is right on target!

(get it? target? arrows? I'm so punny!)

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so pretty...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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To start off this little visual party...

here's a song from the new movie  Sucker Punch.



Girly Bird Gets the Dress from ModCloth, found on Little Chief Honeybee

I've been wanting to try macarons ever since they were mentioned in cakies, just cause they're just so stinkin cute. Well, now I've got a chance to buy a dozen and have them shipped to me via sparkleskitchen on etsy. I know I will have to break down and splurge eventually. Or maybe someone could get them for me? (Hint hint, boyfriend. teehee)

I found this hair on a site called pintrest. I'm in love. Seriously.

Ojo de Dios made by Love Lune, featured in the Red Velvet Shop.


I hope you have a stinkin cute day.

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