DIY Recycled Fishing Game

Saturday, May 22, 2021

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I have no idea where my kid learned about fishing. We live in a river town so it really could have been anywhere, but for some reason it still surprised me when he came up to me with a stick and told me it was a fishing pole.
The other day he specifically wanted to play "fishing," but his original poles (about 5 feet of Hot Wheels tracks) needed an upgrade. I found some dowel rods and then while I was at it I decided every great fisherman needed one thing... fish. I had seen these amazing Koi fish they had made at Art Camp Studio and figured we could easily recreate them. With the addition of magnets, the set became a full fishing experience.

t.p. or paper towel rolls
staples and stapler
adhesive magnets (on Amazon)
small wooden dowel
magnetic hooks (on Amazon)
pen or marker

Step One: Cut out your fins and tail.
Make a pattern by folding some paper in half and drawing half of a fish tail (kind of a paisley shape with an added flat tab), then cutting it out. Refer to the above picture for an example. Make sure the square end of your tail fits into a squished t.p. roll. Cut down the length of a t.p. roll then lay it flat. Trace your pattern onto the roll then cut it out. You will also need two tear-drop-shaped pieces for fins. Fold your cardboard and cut two out at the same time to get similar shapes!

Step two: Staple everything on.
Fold your tube flat at one end. Insert the tail and staple along the edge of the tube. Make sure to do more than one staple so the fish keeps its shape. Pinch the fin to give it a bit of dimension, then place it about 1/3 down the tube and staple. Do the same for the other fin on the opposite side.

Step Three: Add Magnets.
Take the paper layer off of your magnets and stick them to the inside of the fish. I put them in the mouth, but the cardboard should be thin enough that anywhere will work. If you don't have magnets, you can substitute a row of staples for this step. Not as hidden, but it will work just as well!

Step four: Add a design to your fish!
The gaping mouth of these fish kinda reminds me of a Magicarp from Pokemon, so I kept with the theme and drew eyes that were a little silly. Add some scales and some lines on the fins and you've got yourself a pretty little fish!

Step 5: Make your fishing pole.
Use scissors to carve a small notch in your dowel.  Cut a length of string that is about 3 feet. Tie the string onto the stick with a knot, then test the length. When you are satisfied with your fishing line, add the magnet hooks with another knot at the other end of the string.

Now all you need to do is put out your "gone fishin'" sign and go have some fun!


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What YA Readin? Episode Three

Saturday, May 8, 2021

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So, first things first, our podcast has been re-named! We chose to rebrand after we found another awesome podcast with the name "YA Gotta Read This." Our new name reminds me of sitting next to my sister saying "What ya reaaaadin?" again and again and again... so very on brand for this podcast, really.

Episode Three: The One with the Darkling on

Onto the show notes! In this episode, we gushed over Leigh Bardugo's series "Shadow and Bone" which can now be found on Netflix! Here's a list of links to all the things we talk about.

Shadow and Bone Series on Netflix

Shadow and Bone Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo

Article about the Darkling’s Name on Screen Rant

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