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Hello! I'm Jes! I'm a dreamer with way too many ideas and not enough free time. I got married in 2014 to an awesome man (read all about that journey here), and we currently live in a tiny town in our own tiny house with our two (not so tiny) cats.

I've graduated from ISU with a degree in Studio Arts, with a focus on drawing. Now I work as a young adult librarian at our small town library, which is pretty awesome! I write this blog to give myself a place where I can look back on all the exciting (and not so exciting) things I've done in my life. I post a ton of inspirational artists, some DIYS, lists of things that are just awesome, events that I host at the library, and of course some of my own art.

I have too many hobbies, but one thing I'm super into is video games. Currently I'm working on building up my portfolio, dreaming to one day work in the video game industry!


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