Friday, March 29, 2013

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Scrolling through my posts to see what pictures I could share made me realize I haven't done a life kinda update post like this in months (oops). But I guess that's okay, cause now I can show all the pictures!

Went to a beautiful bar on the riverfront to celebrate my friend's engagement last week!
My Mom's preschool recently got two rabbits! They're adorable.
I've been trying to decide on a color for the main room in my house.
We just got the Scott Pilgrim series at the library. I can't wait to read them!

Some kids made a wonderful train at an event a few weeks ago.
The weather couldn't figure out that it was spring time.
We did a t-shirt workshop at my library this week! It went really well, but I didn't get enough pictures for a post. (I could have kicked myself.)
Odin just bein cute.
Played DDR! I've always been horrible at that game, but I'm getting a bit better. :]

A little late, but this is what my boyfriend got me for Valentine's day. I got him a book with dinos in it, too. We're cute sometimes.
But the cats are always cuter.
Got to level 90.
We have a LOT of finger puppets at work.
Drew Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft because Heart of the Swarm came out. I really need to play those games.

I've also got a ton of sketches to share, because I HAVE been keeping up on my 365 project. But I think they'll get their own post. 

So that's a little of what's been up with me. How has your week been? 

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ten (cat lady) things...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

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1. amoeba food bowl from dripmodule // 2. calabash cat bed for Kitticraft // 3. spiral felted cat toy from elevele // 4. cat scratch board diy from Design*Sponge // 5. cat coutch by Seungji Mun

I've decided it's okay to be a bit of cat lady, especially if you have some insanely stylish cat things.

This cat tree is both beautiful and functional.

I'm going to count cardboard cat houses as one thing, because there are some fantastic ones out there.  Like this pyramid with black and white designs from Love Thy Beast, or this cabin and this teepee. These cardboard cat forts from Catty Stacks could link together to become a human-sized fort of  awesome. Who say's Odin is the only one who gets to have fun?

Cat beds are another thing that I couldn't narrow down to just one favorite. So here is a list of the ones that I thought were the best. This beautiful collection from Modernist Cat, these beds from Modpet, this hammock from Pet Lounge Studios, this perch from Urban Pet Haus, and this hammock (that can hang under a chair) called Cat Crib.

These wall mounted scratching things are great. They're designed well enough that they look like wall art, so it's a win-win for both you and your cat!

Some people are really devoted, though, and designed their whole house to be cat playgrounds. This house and this house from Apartment Therapy are both modern and sleek, but to a cat they must just look like the best jungle gym ever.

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WIP Wednesday

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[kinda gruesome image warning]

This piece is the partner to the promo image I've already put up here. I didn't want to give everything away, so I'm not all the way finished, but I should be posting the finished result sometime this week!

This drawing took me about an hour and a half so far. Since I wanted this to mirror the drawing I did of my comic's hero, the composition choices were already made for me. I  went for a more chaotic kind of drawing style, because I think it goes well with the whole zombie theme. As a bonus, that means I didn't have to be careful about line placement, and making mistakes wasn't a worry at like... all. That kind of freedom can be so relaxing. All I used was a ball point pen and a red permanent marker. (Professional, I know)

I don't know how I feel about the blood, and I could add more skeletal structure underneath the skin. I think I'm going to walk away from it for tonight and see what I want to improve tomorrow. As always, be sure to leave any suggestions in the comments. :]

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Busyness leads to awesomeness.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Sorry about my absence last week. I was super busy. But you'll benefit from that distractedness! Because I've got two big projects planned, both which took major leaps and bounds last week. And, on top of that, I did an amazing program at the library, so I'm going to blog about that as well!

And now... an announcement!

After a whole bunch of unneeded procrastination, I have finally launched the site for my web comic. (Which is, as of right now, still nameless... -doh-)   It's just a tumblr, nothing special, but I had a lot of fun last week planning my schedule. I want to do a month of promotions, so I can get some practice in, and a few of the strips drawn, but then I'm going to dive in head first with all sorts of rotting coolness.

SO if you'd like to go check that out, here's a link.

[zombie comic]

AND because I love the people that look at this blog so much, here's the first promo image! (Warning... it's a tad bit gruesome. But just a tad.)

If I give myself a fair and honest critique, the girl on the left is a little too stiff (I mean, it's not like she's a corpse or anything! Oh... awkward...), and they all look a little bit like children... but this is why I'm doing this comic, to learn! :D

Oh, and if you have any name suggestions, please leave a comment. I'd be ever so grateful!

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inspire me... mademoiselle maurice

Sunday, March 10, 2013

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Mademoiselle Maurice is a street artist based in France that uses unlikely materials to make beautiful art. Her main body of work is created with origami (a old paper folding art form) embedded into the wall. This use of such crisp geometric shapes contrasting against the distressed stone walls that she primarily works on creates a striking image. She focuses on negative space to show her message, and composes the piece in such a way that it flows beautifully. I love how they look like they've just grown on the walls.  Also, I love how they're just so colorful! In case you're curious, here's a video of the installation process.

[origami street art] and [rainbow] by mademoiselle maurice

She also does some very awesome indoor installations, so you should defiantly check out her portfolio.
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house progress

Friday, March 8, 2013

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Just thought I'd give you a little update on how my house is going! We're still in the demolition stage, though the french doors (!!) were supposed to be put in today. We're trying to do this the smart (and cheap) way, so it's all moving a little slowly. Progress IS being made, though, so I'm content.

This wall has given us the most trouble. It had really thick wallpaper on it, and when we went to take that down there was paneling underneath. So we decided we'd rather just take the paneling down, which exposed the plaster, and showed  that both of the doors had originally been double doors. The plaster was falling apart, so we took it down and got our hands on some french doors. We're finally to the bottom layer... so it's time to build back up!

This is the blue room, which is now the spotty white room (yay primer!). When we took out the carpet we realized the floors underneath weren't that bad... except they hadn't put down a drop cloth when they painted. So it looks like that room is getting new floors, too. I'm going to try to keep that geometric flooring that's in the closet, though, just because its so quirky.

While we wait for a day where we can work on the big projects my boyfriend and I are cleaning up a bit in the kitchen. You can tell how much scrubbing is involved when you look at the before and after of the light fixtures...

So next is drywall, then paint, then floors. Then maybe I can move in. And maybe, as a reward to myself for all my hard work, I'll get this awesome blanket.

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ten things...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

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All right, before we begin, some mood music. Or something. What I mean to say is, this is my favorite song this week. So I guess you could press play so could listen while scrolling through this post. Or whatever. Right. I'll just leave this here... features amazing vintage photos. A lot of them are funny, but all of them make me rethink my stereotypes of the past. 

Robot Combat Legue. It's real. People controlling life-sized robots who fight each other. Guys, the future is now. (And I seem to be the only one who is excited as I am about this.) (Which makes me feel even more nerdy than I already did.)

They did a promotion for Wreck it Ralph called 8 Bit Lane. There are 8-bit clouds in the sky, tetris on the walls, Fix-It Felix arcade cabinets... It is the end all be all of movie promotions. Seriously. I wonder if I could do this to the library...

The blogger behind DESIGN LOVE FEST recently had an amazing series where she did photo shoots inspired by her favorite daydream jobs. She got to be a detective, a florist, a jazz singer, and a circus performer. So inspiring! I wish I could be her.

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WIP Wednesday

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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My friend says it looks like this helm from WoW. He's right.

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