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Thursday, March 28, 2013

1. amoeba food bowl from dripmodule // 2. calabash cat bed for Kitticraft // 3. spiral felted cat toy from elevele // 4. cat scratch board diy from Design*Sponge // 5. cat coutch by Seungji Mun

I've decided it's okay to be a bit of cat lady, especially if you have some insanely stylish cat things.

This cat tree is both beautiful and functional.

I'm going to count cardboard cat houses as one thing, because there are some fantastic ones out there.  Like this pyramid with black and white designs from Love Thy Beast, or this cabin and this teepee. These cardboard cat forts from Catty Stacks could link together to become a human-sized fort of  awesome. Who say's Odin is the only one who gets to have fun?

Cat beds are another thing that I couldn't narrow down to just one favorite. So here is a list of the ones that I thought were the best. This beautiful collection from Modernist Cat, these beds from Modpet, this hammock from Pet Lounge Studios, this perch from Urban Pet Haus, and this hammock (that can hang under a chair) called Cat Crib.

These wall mounted scratching things are great. They're designed well enough that they look like wall art, so it's a win-win for both you and your cat!

Some people are really devoted, though, and designed their whole house to be cat playgrounds. This house and this house from Apartment Therapy are both modern and sleek, but to a cat they must just look like the best jungle gym ever.

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