DIY "Fuzzy" Dice

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

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Don't you just hate that feeling when you take out your hot rod to park down at the milkshake shop with all of the other cool cats and realize that you forgot to buy fuzzy dice? Don't worry, daddy-o. I've got you covered.

For this craft, you're gonna need:
Thick Paper
Tissue Paper
A Glue Stick

You will also need a dice template. You can search online, there are a ton of great options available, or you download one from my "Little Monsters Storytime and Activities" post!

Step one: Trace your dice template onto thick paper twice and cut them out. This isn't complicated, but make sure you don't cut the tabs off! You'll need them to put your boxes together.

Step two: Pre-fold the boxes so you know where all of your folds are. This will make it easier to put together the box after you have added the tissue paper.

Step three: Glue on your tissue paper. In order to get the "fuzzy dice" effect you should crumple your tissue paper, put glue onto your die, then glue the paper on, being sure to NOT smooth out all of the lumps and bumps. For this craft, we love our lumps and bumps.

Step four: Cut out your dots. For one die you will need 21 dots, so you will need 42 in total for this project. I traced a dime to get the right size dots, but you might need to play around with the size depending on the size of your dice face. 

Step five: Glue on your dots. The secret to dice is that the opposite sides should always add up to 7. So, 1 is opposite of 6, 5 is opposite of 2, and 3 is opposite of 4. If you look at the picture above you should be able use it as a guide!

Step six: tape on your ribbon! Pick a corner and add your ribbon. Be sure to test that it attached well, because it will be hanging by this ribbon!

Step seven: Assemble your boxes. I am not going to lie, this is the worst part of this craft. Try to keep the tape inside as much as possible, and tape as close to the folds as you can. Don't lose hope, though. If you have to tape on the outside you can always cover it up with more tissue paper!


And that's it! You are now the proud owner of custom fuzzy dice. I always wanted a bright, colorful pair, so I added as many colors as I could. These are gonna look so good in my Eclipse. Or maybe my husband's Trans Am? Do you think he'd let me? Haha!

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