Star Wars Bathroom Inspiration

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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When I was in college I got a Darth Vader mug and a classic Star Wars film poster around the same time. I don't remember how, or why, but I know that I did. Because the moment I saw those two objects together, a little idea embedded itself into my noggin: "Why not a Star Wars bathroom?"

And as cheesy as that idea is, it just won't go away. My tastes have changed a bit now, and I tend to lean towards more "adult" decorations, but my brain keeps pulling me towards the Star Wars section of the bathroom aisle. So I've decided to give in. Let it be known: I'm going to decorate my bathroom with the theme of a cheesy sci-fi movie from the 80's. Classily. If that's even possible.

I'd LOVE to have a star projector in my bathroom. I could buy this one or I could make one using this tutorial.

I love this Death Star Globe tutorial. It's such a cute idea!

Speaking of DIY, these Star Wars Terrariums are so cute!

If "Tatooine" isn't the right scent for you, you can try these Naboo wax melts, or this Endor Candle. Or maybe you'd rather use this Old Ben Kenobi candle.

These Star Wars Little Golden Books are not really something I need in my bathroom, but they were too cute not to link!

I've already gotten these Star Wars shower hooks. They are just the right amount of geeky without being too in your face.

I know from experience that wallpaper in a bathroom is a bad idea, but this Imperial Forces wallpaper from Super 7 is almost too pretty (that's right, I said pretty) to pass up.

I'd really like to add some sneaky-geeky art to my bathroom, too. I think that this Lunch Atop a Skywalker print by Brian Robson should do the trick. Or maybe I'll go a little more classical and get Sand Person in Blue, Madame de Ackbar, or At-Ats in the Alp Alps from Nerdscapes. (Okay, but seriously? Those last three prints slayed me. They are just too perfect.)

And finally, here is the room that first proved to me that you could do Star Wars without the cheese: Rocky's Star Wars Nursery.

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inspire me: Leah Giberson

Monday, January 25, 2016

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Leah Giberson's work captures a part of America in a straightforward but beautiful way. I love the way she simplifies the background, really making your eye focus on the core of the piece. Her color pallet is perfect for the period and place it feels like she's trying to convey (yellow-green grass is pretty much the norm in vintage photos). And can we talk about the reflections in that trailer? I feel like I've discovered a secret.

Her smooth brush work makes the whole world seem soft and unrealistic. It makes it feel like you're looking at something you see in everyday life, but through the eyes of someone who loves it. Like looking at something in a fond memory.

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Quirky and Fun! (One Table, Three Ways)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

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This is the third and final table from my "one table, three ways" series! I had a lot of fun putting this together, so I might do it again sometime. This week I featured a series of tables that I styled to fit a certain theme. I used the same base components for each setting, (placemats, plates, silverware and a "menu") and then added things from around my house to make the look fit the theme I had in mind. The goal was to create something that would be easy to replicate, but could also be used as inspiration for something better!

For this table I just went for a general quirky and fun theme. I knew that my base was pretty plain, so I wanted to add lot of color to make it a little more inviting. 

I knew I wanted to use candy as a centerpiece, but when I put it in a bowl it all looked very... flat. I looked around for some other type of vessel, and my eye fell onto my bar cabinet. I pulled out three pretty vintage wine glasses (which I bought at Goodwill... they always have a few) in varying sizes and filled them up with candy. Instant centerpiece that looks a little more classy, but was super easy to make. I added my dino shakers and a little bit of confetti and the table looked like it was ready to party!

I love the idea of leaving out some disposable cameras to document the night in a way no one really does anymore. I didn't have any disposables on hand, so I replaced them with Polaroids for this photo shoot. I think either way adds a unique twist to the dinner, and you'll have memories you can hold on to or give away when the night is said and done with.

These place settings had a lot of little extra things to help along the "fun" theme. I had cloth napkins with lots of different colors (thanks, Mom!), which really added to the overall randomness of the table. I also included a lot of cheap quirky things at each spot, including some costume accessories and a toy (both of which you can get at a dollar store, usually in the party section). I also added some fun things for their drinks, like a bendy straw and an umbrella!

Just in case you guys were curious, here are the links to the things you saw in every post:

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Cheers! (One Table, Three Ways)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

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I'm back again with another party setup! This week I'm featuring a series of tables that I styled to fit a certain theme. I used the same base components for each setting, (placemats, plates, silverware and a "menu") and then added things from around my house to make the look fit the theme I had in mind. The goal was to create something that would be easy to replicate, but could also be used as inspiration for something better!

This table was created with a group of guys in mind. I kept the decorations simple and masculine, while still adding some quirky touches.

The "centerpiece" is just a variety of beers and brews that I pulled out of the fridge. Obviously you'd want to us this as a sort of sample and keep plenty of cold drinks on hand. If you can serve the brews in a chilled stein it's extra awesome. Just throw the glasses in the freezer and grab one out whenever you pour a new drink. Practical? Not really. Cool? Heck yeah. One could even say its... ice cold. (Hardy har...)

I used bar towels instead of napkins, because if you're going to have beer, you will eventually need some heavy duty cleaning supplies.  I also substituted the traditional glasses for beer steins.
While favors can be a cheesy concept, I couldn't help but add a little bit of quirk to the table. The mustache tattoos add a subtle bit of fun, and the bottle opener is a practical and affordable gift that they can take home.

How hilarious is it that that beer is called "Big Butt"? My friend showed it to me one day and I couldn't get over it. I guess I'm still a twelve year old on the inside.

We've got one more quirky table left to go. I hope you're enjoying this series as much as I enjoyed making it!
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Game Night! (One Table, Three Ways)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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This week I'm going to show you three different ways to style a tablescape for a fun themed dinner! I used the same base components for each setting, (placemats, plates, silverware and a "menu") and then added things from around my house to make the look fit the theme I had in mind. I hope this helps inspire you!

My first dinner's theme is GAME NIGHT. I went for a casual, fun vibe with a little bit of a modern twist. I have to admit, while I was putting this together I kind of wanted to just clear away the plates and play some games myself! Maybe I can convince Adam to play something with me...

After looking at these photos, I'm realizing the color palette of my table ended up having a ton of blue. That choice was purely made based on what napkins I own! The great thing about a theme like this is any color will do perfectly.

 For the centerpiece I gathered up a few of our favorite games and put them in to glass jars. I love being able to display things that we usually overlook. Uno, dominos, and my Apples to Apples dice game added the perfect amount of color to the table, and putting them in glass makes the colors bounce around and gives it that extra edge of unexpected. (There's some things I ask myself every time I do things like this. Like "why do I have so many glass containers?" and then, in the next three minutes I'll be thinking "I need to buy some more glass containers..." I have a problem.)

Whenever I think about an event, I always try to include something to do during those "bored" moments. For this one I gave each place setting it's own little game as a favor! You can buy your own maze puzzles at a dollar store. I got those adorable straws from Hobby Lobby (I stockpile them). 

I also put a pencil and some paper at every place setting, because you always need to add sometime or jot down points while playing games.

I hope this gave you some inspiration, or at least made you want to go play some Uno. Be on the lookout for more silly tables later this week!

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A (temporarily) Flightless Bird

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sometimes I find myself starting out with a simple thing and ending up with a totally different and vastly more complicated project. Like tonight, I set out to make a simple ten things post, but halfway through making the graphic I realized I had created a pretty adorable bird costume. And whenever I think of an outfit that is adorable my automatic impulse is to draw it. 3 hours later (is it really THAT late?!) I've produced something that I'm squeeling over, and I hope you will too!

And if you're super into her outfit (I know I am) here's where you can get all the pieces that were my inspiration.

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Thinking about 2016

Monday, January 4, 2016

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For these posts I like to pick goals I can count. I love looking back and checking things off, like I have the past few years. So keep in mind that this isn't everything I want to accomplish this year, or all the changes I want to make. It's just the 10 that I felt like sharing.

Learn more songs on guitar.
I've been -slowly- learning how to play guitar. I used to when I was in high school, because that's just what you do in high school, but recently I picked it up again. It's so satisfying when I finally get a song to a recognizable point, haha.

Take better care of my car.
I recently was lucky enough to get my dream car (!!!). I've always been not so good at taking care of cars. I wasn't terrible, but I wouldn't be surprised if people looked into my car window and assumed that a teenage boy owned it.

Keep my etsy shop stocked with fresh content.
This is kind of an all-encompassing goal, because it requires that I do art and become more organized all at the same time. I don't feel comfortable setting myself goals that are stuff like "sell more items on etsy" just because I can't control how many people want to buy my things. What I can control is what I put up for sale, so hence this goal is born!

Play around with streaming more.
I started streaming video games last month, and I really enjoyed it. I like the feeling of having a product that's instantly done, and that has instant feedback. 

My Healthy Lifestyle: Round Two.
I'm thinkin 14 weeks this time!

Get more ideas out of my head and into reality.
Oh, and completed. Generally, completing projects should be a focus this year.

Get. To. Places. Early.
Chronically, embarrassingly late. I swear it's not on purpose. I swear I'm not doing it to spite anyone. I'm just really bad at time management. Like, REALLY bad. So I'm going to try to adopt the "if you're not 5 minutes early you're late" attitude. 

Keep a clean space.
It helps my brain so much when things are clean. 

Go on more small adventures.
Hiking, camping, and road trips. All sorts of little things to take advantage of this gorgeous country that I live in.

Edit and focus.
Try to produce generally better content, that focuses on a unified brand of "me." 

And now it's time for my favorite part: crossing off last year's list!

Sell things. 
Did this. Killed this! I went to farmer's markets, kept my shops update, and did a few commissions. It was a very good year for my art. 
Don't be afraid to self promote.

Sort of did this? I think I'll always be afraid to brag about myself. But I tried, and I'll keep trying.

One grand trip? Does my first trip out of the country count? Cause I think it does. 
Make more photo collections.

100% did not do. I need to get on this.
Do housework for at least 15 minutes a day.

I did... more housework. But definitely not this much housework.
Post regularly // get regular blog visitors.
I didn't post regularly, but I did post more. And my visitor numbers have gone up quite a bit!
Clean up computer and back up files.
Just... shaking my head.
Have a "cute" yard sale.

There's still time, right?
Get active hobbies. 

Yoga and walking totally count.
Finish projects.
Be excited about life!

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