Star Wars Bathroom Inspiration

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

When I was in college I got a Darth Vader mug and a classic Star Wars film poster around the same time. I don't remember how, or why, but I know that I did. Because the moment I saw those two objects together, a little idea embedded itself into my noggin: "Why not a Star Wars bathroom?"

And as cheesy as that idea is, it just won't go away. My tastes have changed a bit now, and I tend to lean towards more "adult" decorations, but my brain keeps pulling me towards the Star Wars section of the bathroom aisle. So I've decided to give in. Let it be known: I'm going to decorate my bathroom with the theme of a cheesy sci-fi movie from the 80's. Classily. If that's even possible.

I'd LOVE to have a star projector in my bathroom. I could buy this one or I could make one using this tutorial.

I love this Death Star Globe tutorial. It's such a cute idea!

Speaking of DIY, these Star Wars Terrariums are so cute!

If "Tatooine" isn't the right scent for you, you can try these Naboo wax melts, or this Endor Candle. Or maybe you'd rather use this Old Ben Kenobi candle.

These Star Wars Little Golden Books are not really something I need in my bathroom, but they were too cute not to link!

I've already gotten these Star Wars shower hooks. They are just the right amount of geeky without being too in your face.

I know from experience that wallpaper in a bathroom is a bad idea, but this Imperial Forces wallpaper from Super 7 is almost too pretty (that's right, I said pretty) to pass up.

I'd really like to add some sneaky-geeky art to my bathroom, too. I think that this Lunch Atop a Skywalker print by Brian Robson should do the trick. Or maybe I'll go a little more classical and get Sand Person in Blue, Madame de Ackbar, or At-Ats in the Alp Alps from Nerdscapes. (Okay, but seriously? Those last three prints slayed me. They are just too perfect.)

And finally, here is the room that first proved to me that you could do Star Wars without the cheese: Rocky's Star Wars Nursery.

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