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Friday, August 30, 2013

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It's still Thursday somewhere, right?

Totally be sure to check out the 
rest of their stuff. It's all so lovely!

Another shop that I am drooling over.
These pieces are a little steampunk,
a little gothic, and a LOT amazing.

Black Milk + Harry Potter = Very Happy Jes

The cutest thing I've seen on the internet this week has got to be this Doctor Who engagement photography session. They're done so well, you'd almost think they were really photos from the show!

This is such a gorgeous and well designed tattoo. Love the colors, too.

Guys, this house has a 50 foot climbing wall that leads up to a little reading nook. What could get better than that? An 80 foot slide to go back down, that's what! Dream house? Yes. Yes it is.

These carved animals skulls are absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could get something that cool for my walls.

I love this tutorial for writing messages for rainy days. I want to try this with my patio so bad!
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WIP Wednesday [Annie]

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Guys, this piece was a labor of love. The hair took soooo long. And those face tattoos? ACK! There's still a few things about it that I'm not so keen on (which I'm not going to point out here because I'd rather you not notice them :P) but overall I was happy with this. I tried something different, and it came out well.

Also, I think this would be a brilliant gif. Ever changing facial tattoos.... I wonder...

And I've learned something new today! AWESOME. :D

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Strum (aka some ROCKIN wallpapers)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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I've got a few posts in the works that are waaaay bigger than this one, but since I've been going strong the past couple of weeks I don't like the thought of abandoning my blog for so long, SO here are a couple wallpapers I whipped up. I think they... rock? (Punny!  ...groan.) Download them all you want! (I've got the second one as my laptop background right now!) And just in case you're curious, the picture is from my recent concert adventure. :]

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ten things

Thursday, August 22, 2013

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I absolutely love this Ikea Hacked dresser. You can't even tell its the same thing.

This sorta paraody (NSFW) of the song Blurred Lines has me giggling every few minutes, but I have to say that I like Mod Carousel's version of the song better. She has a great voice! And the whole message of this video is pretty great too.

Another Ikea hack! This one is for carpets. I've been admiring the carpet in Bri of DESIGNLOVEFEST's living room, and this tutorial shows you how to make your own veeery much cheaper version. 

Everything about this home. I love the design and all of the mid-century modern decor. It's so quirky and colorful and fun!

And here is another home that I can't get enough of. Basically, if you can use the word "eclectic" to describe a home, I'm almost guaranteed to love it.
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sketchy outfit twenty-five and Carnival of Madness

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Okay, by now you guys have had to have figured out that I really love rock shows. I'm poor so I usually average about two a year, and for some reason it's always during the fall. This year my first show was the Carnival of Madness tour, featuring We As Human,  In This Moment, Skillet, Papa Roach, and Shinedown.
I really only went for In This Moment. Like, seriously. But Skillet gained my respect for having an awesome girl drummer. And the other bands weren't so bad. Honestly, I don't think you really have to be into a band to enjoy their music live. Especially if you know their songs from the radio anyways. And when you're limited to one rock radio station, you get to know a lot of songs that you might not particularity like. Haha.
I had a FANTASTIC time. I got my face painted by a steampunk circus girl, and I got to meet Maria Brink (who was surprisingly soooo nice), and I got to be within 10 feet of my favorite rock star. So yeah, pretty good. 

And of course I couldn't have all of that war paint on without taking a few pictures. Here's my favorite from the bunch. RAWR.

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the lighting problem

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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So with an old house comes old lighting. And my house is no exception. There are even some florescent lights. In the room that's going to be my studio. *shudder*

But the first problem is the dining area light. Right now there's a light hanging by the wires, just begging to be replaced. There's no light switch leading to that light, so it really needs some sort of switch built into it. The dining area is one half of a very long room, and the other half has a ceiling fan in it, so I'd really like the light to be a statement piece for this area.

I can't afford the beautiful light fixtures that I really want, such as the Edison Chandelier from Pottery Barn, an awesome tenticle chandelier by Adam Wallacavage, a vintage sputnik light, or a Cord Chandelier by Brendan Ravenhill. Unless I win the lottery (and I mean a big win) in the next month, or happen to find the perfect piece at some resale shop (believe me, I've been looking) I'm going to have to go the DIY route. So here's a round up of my favorite DIY lights.

This WONDERFUL tutorial from Lindsey Adelman is just... jaw dropping. I would love to be able to put together a piece like this, but I'm afraid I'd set my own house on fire. Maybe someone less awkward than me should give it a try.

I love these quilt lights from Tamara Maynes. They're so simple but colorful. Perfect!

This cube pendant from Vintage Revivals is great. I've seen other pieces like this, but they seemed really complicated. This one looks quite simple to make, and the effect is awesome. 

Twig chandelier from Funky Junk Interiors. I'm a sucker for natural things brought inside, especially in unexpected places. That's why I'm so drawn to chandeliers like this one.

DIY chandelier tutorial from Brassy Apple. This tutorial uses hanging flower baskets in a super creative way. This picture isn't actually the finished product, but I love the industrial look of this. I would keep it like this and add bulbs. 

These two are actually products. One is the Cut Glass Chandelier and the other is the Steel Chandelier, both from Squint. Both products are over 1000, but I think if you found the right base chandelier and had some coordinating colors of yarn and paint, you could easily DIY something that had the same feel.

Bulb Cage chandelier from Rich Brilliant Willing. Again with the industrial. This cluster actually looks pretty easy to make, though. I might end up going with something like this, just because it looks decently simple. We'll see!

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ten [kinda girly bedroom] things...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

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We've painted the walls in my bedroom white, so I've been thinking about what kind of things I should hang up. I'm into big art in the bedroom, so I'd like to have a painting kinda like this, or a wall hanging like this or this. I'd love to have a little cluster of photos of friends and family. I'm especially inspired by this corner and this fridge

I'm addicted to little clusters of things. Like pictures. Or lights. I think this kind of installment could look really good above a headboard. I'm also loving this cluster of lanterns, and these paper decorations. And these Moroccan lamps are just perfect.

Soft lighting in the morning starts my day off just right, so I'm thinking of making this type of curtain. I also am really into this rug. Something simple and homemade.

For the bed I'd love to have some sort of dyed sheets and pillowcases, like this dip-dyed setthis painted lace set or maybe this completely dyed set. I also really like the idea of a bold blanked, like this VERY thick knit one, or this gray one with pops of neon.

For the dresser, I'm really into this one. Light wood on the outside, and pops of color inside.. awesome. I've also always wanted a mirror like this one, so I'm going to see if I can make that happen.

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WIP Wednesday

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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So a few weeks after I started heavily getting back into my art, one of my old classmates asked me if I could draw a Joker and Harley Quinn piece for him. I jumped all over the chance, because I haven't done any sort of fan art... at least some this elaborately... well, ever. As soon as I was asked I hopped out of bed and started working on that first sketch. I was so excited because I had NEVER drawn joker before, and he turned out exactly how I had envisioned him. Guess that's what happens when you grow up watching Batman. :]

I'd like to think that the final piece turned out preeetty good. I had fun working with the pose and the characters, and giving my own twist to such a classic image. I also loved working with watercolors, giving the whole thing a more "fine art" feel. In my mind, at least.

Would I do another commission like this one? 
For sure. In a heart beat.
*nudge nudge* 

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sketchy outfit twenty-four and some wallpapers

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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I had tons of fun on vacation in Minnesota last week. I'll be posting more pictures Friday, but for now I just thought I'd share a sketchy outfit I drew and some wallpapers I made. Enjoy!

We had a night around the campfire, and that's where this drawing came from. Walmart has some really cute blankets for sale these days! Since I was on vacation I let myself have a lot of rockstar. They were ppermanently attached to my hand. This is for sure one of my favorite memories. I love the smell of campfires.

The two wallpapers are just edited pictures from some of my adventures. Feel free to download them for whatever you want!

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