sketchy outfit twenty-five and Carnival of Madness

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Okay, by now you guys have had to have figured out that I really love rock shows. I'm poor so I usually average about two a year, and for some reason it's always during the fall. This year my first show was the Carnival of Madness tour, featuring We As Human,  In This Moment, Skillet, Papa Roach, and Shinedown.
I really only went for In This Moment. Like, seriously. But Skillet gained my respect for having an awesome girl drummer. And the other bands weren't so bad. Honestly, I don't think you really have to be into a band to enjoy their music live. Especially if you know their songs from the radio anyways. And when you're limited to one rock radio station, you get to know a lot of songs that you might not particularity like. Haha.
I had a FANTASTIC time. I got my face painted by a steampunk circus girl, and I got to meet Maria Brink (who was surprisingly soooo nice), and I got to be within 10 feet of my favorite rock star. So yeah, pretty good. 

And of course I couldn't have all of that war paint on without taking a few pictures. Here's my favorite from the bunch. RAWR.

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