Easter Baskets for Babies

Sunday, March 25, 2018

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One of the strange things about having a child is all the sudden you have, like, 200% more responsibility on holidays. Where it used to be that we just had to coordinate when to show up where, all the sudden I find myself creating detailed schedules of where we will be when he needs to feed, sleep, and be changed. On top of that, some holidays (Easter being one of them) require forethought and a little bit of work ahead of time if I want to continue in the traditions that my parents did with me (and yeah, this is one of those moments where I appreciate my mom and her ability to do this with not only one, but THREE kids.) So right now I'm realizing that I have a week to get an Easter basket ready, but I have it covered and will hopefully be able to help you, too, all thanks to Amazon Prime.

Keep in mind that my kid is only five months old, so these baskets are geared towards babies. I had a lot of fun putting them together with themes in mind, and hopefully, everything in there is something that will be used often.

For the Vintage Inspired Bunny Basket:

(Note- I got this for my baby's basket and the $8 book is quite small)
7 -  Bunny Ear Basket - $38 for 5

For the Mod Bunny Basket: 

1 - Bunny Swaddle - $12
2 - Black Bunny Hat - $9

For the Textures Basket:

1 - Palm Swaddle - $13
3 - Donkey Lovey - $13
4 - Lamb Crochet Hat - $11
7 - Open Top Basket - $14

Those baskets do total to quite a bit, so I picked and chose what things I wanted to put into my little guy's first Easter basket. That's why I tried to find amazing items for each and every part. I hope this points you in the direction of some memorable baskets!!

Happy Easter!

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