Hug Bracelets

Monday, April 15, 2024

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Sometimes you just want to give someone a hug that lasts all day. I designed these fun bracelets for just such an occasion. You can find the printable PDF at the bottom of this post!

To make your hug bracelets you will need something to color with, scissors, and tape. I would suggest coloring the bracelet before you cut it out, or, if you need to divide it for multiple people, cutting it so there is a border while you color. This allows you to get all the way to the edge without making a mess! After you color you will need to cut put the bracelet on the dotted line, then hug it around someone's wrist and tape it together so it stays on!

I was thinking while we were coloring these; how cute would it be to get a envelope full of hugs in the mail? It sounds like the perfect way to brighten a grandparents day!

Click here to get the Hug Bracelets PDF!

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Cookie Counting Printable

Monday, April 8, 2024

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This week's printable is delicious! Or.... it looks delicious anyway. This is a simple cutting and counting activity meant for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Have your child cut out the cookies on the dotted lines, then put them onto the plates according to how many chocolate chips each cookie has. You can find the link to download this printable at the end of this post!

If you happen to glance at the photo above and think "hey, there's a chocolate chip missing," don't worry. My very efficient and thorough product tester (aka my son) found the mistake and it has been fixed. The pdf has enough (fake) chocolate chips, though maybe not enough real ones.

Click here to download the Cookie Counting PDF!

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Spring BINGO

Monday, April 1, 2024

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The weather is finally warming up, and we are getting our first spring blooms! I figured this was the perfect time for some Spring BINGO. All of the things I included in this BINGO are common in our region, so hopefully they will work for where you live as well. Take this sheet outside and see how many you can find!

I tried to keep the art for this printable simple and recognizable, so even your younger ones will be able to participate! We colored with markers to check off what we found, but often at the library, we will use candy or snacks as markers for an extra layer of fun.

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