Game Night! (One Table, Three Ways)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This week I'm going to show you three different ways to style a tablescape for a fun themed dinner! I used the same base components for each setting, (placemats, plates, silverware and a "menu") and then added things from around my house to make the look fit the theme I had in mind. I hope this helps inspire you!

My first dinner's theme is GAME NIGHT. I went for a casual, fun vibe with a little bit of a modern twist. I have to admit, while I was putting this together I kind of wanted to just clear away the plates and play some games myself! Maybe I can convince Adam to play something with me...

After looking at these photos, I'm realizing the color palette of my table ended up having a ton of blue. That choice was purely made based on what napkins I own! The great thing about a theme like this is any color will do perfectly.

 For the centerpiece I gathered up a few of our favorite games and put them in to glass jars. I love being able to display things that we usually overlook. Uno, dominos, and my Apples to Apples dice game added the perfect amount of color to the table, and putting them in glass makes the colors bounce around and gives it that extra edge of unexpected. (There's some things I ask myself every time I do things like this. Like "why do I have so many glass containers?" and then, in the next three minutes I'll be thinking "I need to buy some more glass containers..." I have a problem.)

Whenever I think about an event, I always try to include something to do during those "bored" moments. For this one I gave each place setting it's own little game as a favor! You can buy your own maze puzzles at a dollar store. I got those adorable straws from Hobby Lobby (I stockpile them). 

I also put a pencil and some paper at every place setting, because you always need to add sometime or jot down points while playing games.

I hope this gave you some inspiration, or at least made you want to go play some Uno. Be on the lookout for more silly tables later this week!

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