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Sunday, November 6, 2011

I've gathered a pretty big collection of artists that consistently leave me breathless with their work. Instead of keeping all of this beauty to myself, I've decided to share it with the blog world. I don't know how often this series will be updated, simply because I'm not a very consistent person, but I've got enough names piled up to last for at least a couple of months of weekly posts.

This post features an artist named Annie Wu. According to her bio, she graduated from Maryland Institute of Art with a BFA in illustration. She's done work for various clients, including DC and Vertigo.  Her often uses muted colors and pastels, but her style twists those colors into the realm of creepy. Her line quality allows for details, while still maintaining a playful and almost cartoony feel. She has a good eye for composition, as you can see from her book jacket designs.  But enough with the words, lets get to the pretties.

"Let Them Eat Skate!" character and poster design for Charm City Roller Girls bout, 2008.

Again, this art was all by ANNIE WU. Please check out her portfolio, there are many pieces that I did not feature here which are just as gorgeous.

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