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Monday, November 14, 2011

Today's artist is named Gregory Euclide. His work bridges the gap between 2d and 3d with fantastical background scenes that are embellished by gorgeous 3d elements. His pieces are soft, with a slightly dream-like quality that reaches out and makes me want to take a walk in the world he has created.  His eye for colors makes sure that every piece is balanced perfectly, with a range of hues that make up the soothing base tone of the piece, but also with a few complimenting colors that really pop in a way that draws your eye around the scene. I could rave all day about his use of geometric shapes within an organic world, or his breathtaking command of all the various supplies he uses to make these beautiful works, but I would rather just let you see for yourself.

acrylic, pencil, found foam, lichen, lily seed, moss, mylar, photo transfer, pine, plasti, sage, sedum, sponge, wood, wire
29 x 23 x 8

acrylic, paper, pencil

24 x 36

acrylic, cedar, cigarette butts, eurocast, fertilizer, foam, found plastic, garbage from denver parks, insulation, lichen, moss, organic material from denver, sponge, steel 55 gallon drum, wood lumber.

Again, this artist is Gregory Euclide. Please check out his website if you are intrigued by his beautiful works.

I hope you have a dreamy day.

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