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Sunday, October 28, 2012

I've been watching the work of Lois van Baarle evolve for over five years now. She's very open about how her style has progressed, which I think is amazing. It lets others learn from her, and see that her beginnings were just as humble as theirs. In fact, while I was researching her for this post, I found a live interview with the artist that I could participate in. Fate? I think so.
The piece I've chosen to show you is just a quick sketch she did using deviantart's online drawing program Muro, but it's my favorite. It's pretty good example of some of the reoccurring elements in her work. Soft feminine lines, exaggerated anatomy for a cartoony style, dark jewel tones, a whole lot of texture (which is amazing, considering her work is mostly digital), and a girl with some fish. She says she's influenced by a lot of art art nouveau, a fact which comes very apparent when you look at the hair in her pieces, and her shading is very much inspired by retro pinups.  Her work on a whole puts me in a blissfully calm state of mind, and also makes me want to float around with fishies for a while. Now you'll have to excuse me, because I've been inspired to draw. :]

View Lois's portfolio here:

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