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Friday, August 30, 2013

It's still Thursday somewhere, right?

Totally be sure to check out the 
rest of their stuff. It's all so lovely!

Another shop that I am drooling over.
These pieces are a little steampunk,
a little gothic, and a LOT amazing.

Black Milk + Harry Potter = Very Happy Jes

The cutest thing I've seen on the internet this week has got to be this Doctor Who engagement photography session. They're done so well, you'd almost think they were really photos from the show!

This is such a gorgeous and well designed tattoo. Love the colors, too.

Guys, this house has a 50 foot climbing wall that leads up to a little reading nook. What could get better than that? An 80 foot slide to go back down, that's what! Dream house? Yes. Yes it is.

These carved animals skulls are absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could get something that cool for my walls.

I love this tutorial for writing messages for rainy days. I want to try this with my patio so bad!

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